Samuel I. White, P.C. Attorneys at Law (SIWPC) - your one stop law firm for trusted consultation and guidance through rough waters - working for you to ensure your interests are best represented at all times.

Samuel I. White, PC offers a wide variety of legal services in the states of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, including but not limited to:
- Foreclosure
- Evictions
- Bankruptcy
- Litigation
- Title Claims and Resolution
- Collections
- Real Estate Services

We also provide ancillary services related to our major areas of emphasis including:

- Escrow and closing services
- Senior lien monitoring
- Document preparation
- Asset recovery
- Loss mitigation
- Deficiency claim resolution and legal analysis
- Opinion letter preparation for our clients
If you are in need of legal services in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, or the District of Columbia contact Samuel I White, P.C. Attorneys at Law (SIWPC) – a firm invested in protecting your interests.